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A significant part of our Coaching and Training work has always been on-line for financial, time and environmental reasons. We use industry leading communication tools such as WebinarJam and Zoom alongside cutting edge interactive presentation software to make the online experience effective, enjoyable and engaging.

Lets Talk Tough Webinars

We will design and deliver a webinar according to your needs. Webinars can vary from small interactive affaires where discussion and participation help generate ideas and inspiration to, presenter/presentation based events for large numbers wanting to gain information and knowledge for personal development.

Lets Talk Tough have 3 main programmes that can be delivered in-house, on-line or as a mixture of both. Each programme is divided into 9 sessions which can be delivered over a time period that suits your requirements.

  1. Don’t Survive – Thrive.
  2. High Potential to High Performance
  3. Classroom to Corporate

    Contact Us to find out how we can create a webinar that keeps your people in the best possible shape.

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