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Mental Toughness Workshop

A One Day Workshop Example

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This one day interactive workshop introduces the concept of mental toughness using the 4C model, a scientifically validated framework developed by Professor Peter Clough, head of applied psychology at Huddersfield University.

The workshop provides broad insights, inspiration and develops ideas into actions that will increase performance, develop the adoption of positive behaviours and improve participants abilities to deal with pressure and stress.

Content will include

  • Defining what is meant by mental toughness and the benefits of being mentally tougher
  • Introducing the 4C Model of Mental Toughness
  • Gaining more Control through a Growth Mindset and Emotional Intelligence
  • Developing Commitment through Goal Setting and Achievement Orientation
  • Embracing Challenges through managed risk and learning from experience
  • Increasing Confidence in personal abilities and interpersonal relationships

Suggested Timetable

09.00 Introductions

09.30 Introduction to the concept Mental Toughness
A small group Flipchart activity to consider how mental toughness differs from mental sensitivity

10.00 The 4C Framework of Mental Toughness
Trainer presentation Introducing the 4C model developed by Professor Peter Clough

10.30 Control – Life Control
A short simple but very effective practical exercise based on the quote “If you think you can or you think you can’t, your probably right”, defines the idea of Life Control. This session also introduces the concept of Growth Mindset

11.00 Break

11.15 Control – Emotional Control
This session discusses emotional control using ideas from ‘The Chimp Paradox’, an incredibly powerful mind management model that can significantly help in managing difficult and stressful situations

11.45 Commitment – Goal Setting
Most people at work know the concept of SMART goals but few actually have them. This session provides practical guidance on successful goal setting and explores to what degree the willingness to set goals is a personality trait.

12.15 Commitment – Achievement Orientation
Using a fun but challenging practical activity this session highlights the differences in achievement orientation across the group.

12.45 Lunch

13.30 – Challenge – Beyond the Comfort Zone
Challenge comes in several forms including change, setback, change of habit. This session gets workshop participants to work in pairs to discuss how they perceive challenges and responses presented to them on cards

14.15 – Challenge – Learning to Learn
The second dimension of Challenge asks to what degree we see challenges as opportunities to learning and this session looks at ways to improve the way we learn and then utilise that learning to expand our comfort/confidence zone

15.00 Break

15.45 Confidence – In Abilities
Many talented people are not confident in their abilities. This session looks at Self Efficacy and its relationship with self-worth, self esteem and self confidence, and in particular explores ‘Top 10 Tips for Improving Self Efficacy.

16.15 Interpersonal Confidence
This final session touched the tip of the iceburg in terms of developing on the one hand the ability to deal confidently with challenge from others and on the other the ability to self promote and influence. A five step process for effective interpersonal communication is introduced that when applied

16.45 Consolidation
Review and Action Planning

17.00 End

This one day example workshop course is only able to introduce concepts and is limited in the amount of time it can devote to practical activity and practise. To discuss more in depth and practice orientated workshops and coaching options please get in Contact.

We are also encourage the inclusion of one of the MTQ’s (mental toughness questionnaires) as part of the programme. Lets Talk Tough are accredited through AQR international to interpret and give feedback on the MTQ product Family.

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