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 High Potential to High Performance

High Potential to High Performance
This programme identifies and develops Mental Toughness traits that determine High Performance at work.
The 8 modules in this programme are based on the 4C model of Mental Toughness developed by Prof. Peter Clough and validated through the MTQ psychometric tests.

High Potential to High Performance

The 9 modules are:

  1. Introduction to the 4C framework for Mental Toughness and how it
  2. Control – Increasing Self control
  3. Control – Developing Emotional Control
  4. Commitment – Effective Goal Setting
  5. Commitment – Achievement Orientation – Getting the right results
  6. Challenge – Taking and Managing Risk, Embracing Change and seeking new experiences and opportunities
  7. Challenge – Having a positive outlook and learning from experience
  8. Confidence – Developing Self confidence and self efficacy
  9. Confidence – Interpersonal effectiveness, dealing with challenging behaviours.

Each module is approximately 60 minutes duration depending on specfic needs and situtions.

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