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Don’t Survive – Thrive.

This in-house and/or on-line webinar programme is focused on developing Mental strength for increased Well-Being.
The 8 modules to this programme are:

  1. Introduction – Overview of Well Being and its relationship with Mental Health and Mental Toughness.
  2. Purposeful – Finding purpose, meaning and a sense of control at work, home and socially
  3. Emotional – Managing our emotions – being better able to deal with stress, pressure, ambiguity, challenge and change
  4. Autonomous – Being self directed and able to make decisions based on our own personal standards.
  5. Social – The ability to form, develop and maintain strong and mutually productive relationships
  6. Physical – Looking afer your body through eating and hydrating well, sleeping soundly and taking exercise
  7. Intellectual – Engaging the mind in creative, stimulating activites to learn and develop
  8. Environmental – Living a lifestyle that is respectful to the natural environment and congruent with our surroundings
  9. Occupational – Maintaining a healthy work-life balance and having scope to progress in our professional career

Each module is approximately 60 minutes duration depending on specfic needs and situtions.

Contact Us to find out how this programme could increase the Well-Being of your workforce, athletes or students.

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