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Lets Talk Tough offer face to face and on-line coaching to individuals looking to develop mental strength, build resilience and improve well-being.

We have highly experienced and qualified Coaches and Mentors whose aim is to help Coachees to identify obstacles, find options and take opportunities to better succeed at work. We don’t necessarily use any one model of coaching but will often use the GROW framework to ensure structure and most importantly progression in Coaching.

Coaching is focused but informal and always outcome focused. We look to help build confidence and competence and in particular ownership.

Coaching Clinics

Coaching clinics allow groups of people to book either a face to face or on-line coaching session for a duration of 30, 60 or 90 minutes. This offers a cost and time effective option for companies without needing to put together full coaching programmes. Coaching clinics may be one off sessions or part of an individuals long term development.

Contact Us for further information how Coaching can really make a difference to the Mental Toughness, Resilience and Well-Being of your people.

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