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Classroom to Corporate was specifically developed to help those making the transtion from education to the working environment and/or those managing them. It incorporates core concepts from the Well-Being framework and the 4C model of Mental Toughness as well as introducing key skills and behaviours neccessary to make a success of the first year at work.

The 9 modules in Classroom to corporate are:

  1. An overview of todays working environment
  2. Mental Toughness – the essence of what it takes to be successful
  3. Professionalism – What the workplace expects
  4. Self Management – How to ensure we stay in control, have clarity of objective and meaning in work
  5. Drive – The art of Motivation, the importance of morale and the need for engagement
  6. GRIT – Passion and Perseverance as the under-rated cousins of Talent
  7. Influence – Gaining influence and developing skills in communication,
  8. Initiative – Understanding ownership and accountability and how to take it
  9. Well-Being and the importane of ensuring we are looking after ourselves and others

Each module is approximately 60 minutes duration depending on specfic needs and situtions.

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