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Lets Talk Tough is the creation in 2020 of David Allen, a Business Psychologist with 30 years of experience working globally with companies of all sizes and sectors towards achieving sustainable High Performance across the workforce.

“I have noticed progressively over the past 5 years that very capable people feel unable to demonstrate their capabilities at work due to being overwhelmed by the demands – real or perceived – put on them. The need to develop Mental Toughness is crucial if Organisations, Teams and Individuals are not just to Survive but Thrive”.

A keen Sportsman, David has spent his life trying to be a High Performer at many Sports including Football, Water-Skiing, Sailing, Skiing, Windsurfing, Kitedsurfing, Golf, Tennis and over the past 5 years Triathlon. The progression from Sprint Triathlon to Olympic to Middle and then Long Distance (Ironman) was steady and by 2019 David had competed for Team GB at age group level at the European (2nd), and World (8th) Long Distance Championships.

In 2019 David competed in, and won, UltraMan UK, a three day Triathlon Endurance Event that saw him swim 10km before cycling 425km and finishing with an 85km run around Snowdonia National Park. A feat that was far more about Mental Toughness than Physical ability.

It was whilst recovering from this event mentally that he decided to bring a long term ambition to fruition to combine skills and knowledge gained from the worlds of work and endurance sport to form Lets Talk Tough.

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