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Mental Toughness Development for
Well-Being & High Performance
at Work, in Sport and in Education

Lets Talk Tough is about helping those at Work, in Sport and in Education to develop Mental Toughness to foster Well-Being and encourage High Performance. Mental Toughness is not about being physically strong or mentally hard. It is about being able to effectively manage pressure and to embrace challenges, chosen or otherwise.

Through on-line and in-house Individual Coaching, Group Workshops and Webinars, Lets Talk Tough look to bring the latest information, practical ideas and inspiration to those looking to move from a Survive to Thrive Mindset.

Why Mental Toughness?

Being mentally tough brings a variety of benefits for individuals and organisations. Research conducted worldwide has concluded that those with higher levels of mental toughness, as indicated through the MTQ48 measure, enjoy the following;

  • Better performance – it explains up to 25% of the variation in workplace performance.
  • Greater well-being – more contentment and better stress management.
  • Improved positivity – adoption of more of a “can do” approach which leads to greater rapport and connectivity with colleagues.
  • Change management – a calmer and lower stress response to change.
  • Increased aspirations – greater ambition and confidence in achieving targets and a greater willingness to persevere in order to do so.

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